Just got back from my NY trip and loved it! Big thanks to my friend, Alex, for letting me stay with him.

Trip began with a redeye Jetblue flight from SJC to JFK. I probably got about an hours worth of sleep, but the flight wasn't bad; I just can't sleep on planes. Maybe next time I'll get a little drunk before flying. After arriving at Alex's place, we went to do the most important thing of the day: get some damn coffee and enjoy the "view." Afer that, it was off to walk around. After some exploring, it was off to Whitecastle for lunch. Harold and Kumar lied...that shit sucked. I didn't expect anything great, but that garbage was subpar. After a many more hours of travel and a nap, we made our way to Peter Luger's Steakhouse. This was the best steak I have ever had! So perfectly seasoned and moist...need more. It was definitely the best restraunt my whole trip.
Came back, slept for a while, and that was day 1. Day 2 began the same as last with a great coffee and then it was off to see some stores. I spent a few hours at the wonderful Nintendo World store. It was Wii Fitt launch day, so there were a lot of people in attendance. Still, we got to play with the new toy and see the great items they had in there. I next hit up the Apple Store. It was nothing special inside, but the outside was cool looking. Also stopped by FAO Schwarz to check out the cool toys there. Had some good New York pizza for lunch that day and finished with a late dinner after watching the new Indianna Jones movie.
Day 3 we started off pretty late due to a massive sleep in, but that was pretty much a museum day. Took a late pizza lunch and then headed off to the Museum of Natural History for the Dinosaur stuff and the MET for the Super Hero exhibit, egyptian artifacts, and ancient weaponry. We then finished the night in Korea town at Ban-Chan with some awesome chicken wings, beer, and soju.
Day 4 we ate at Juniors, famous for it's fabulous cheesecake, and saw the Avenue Q play. Great play, lots of fun, and the actresses were hawt. Ended the night at this great Japanese place called Tori Shin. They had some great skewers, and I even tried some chicken tataki.